Dovahkiin in disguise

Another dragon?
Nope, nope..

"I will follow you until the end. Your end.”


The team awesome was sitting in the main room of a newly founded ship.
- So practicaly we killed some pirates, got paid for that and still received a Company’s ship. Pinch me, - said man.
It was indeed an unbelivably lucky day: Fox was silent all along since she heard about pirates, they managed to kill the pirate’s leader along with everybody else, saved 2 old crew members, looted a lot of valuable things aaand got the ship for free. Well, it was mainly empty and needed upgrades, but still…
- Kane, do you think it’s a good idea to keep the ship? There’s a lot to do before it’ll become useful, - Lydia looked questioningly at the leader.

- Will need to find some money, some people.. Just like always. I think we’ll manage in a week or so. If I ask Brynjolf to help us - maybe even faster.
- Okay, but then what? What are we going to do with this ship? It will stay in docks?
- We’ll start sailing, Lydia. Mayhap we’ll visit other continents, you know. Hey, Fox, you’ve been hypnotizing these bottles for too long, what do you think about the ship?

- Huh? Me? - Fox turned around surprised.
- Yeah, you’ve been silent since morning, maybe now you are ready to share your wisdom with us? - Kane laughed.
Fox looked at them absent-mindedly for a moment, but then her usual smile appeared:
- Leave the ship to me.
- What? - Lydia exclaimed.
- I mean, I have an idea. How much money do you have?
- Err, like 5k, - said Kane.
- 5k plus loot plus some things… nanana, aha. Yeah, it will do. Leave the money, your belongings, dress all pretty and to the the town. I don’t wanna see any of you till the evening, - Fox smiled slyly.

- This sounds overly suspicious to me, my thane. I wouldnt leave everything to a self-declared thief.
Kane studied Fox looking for a trick in her smile:
- The guarantee that when we return our belongins AND ship will be still here?
- None. Only my word.
- Then my answer is no.
Lydia relaxed.
- You dont believe me? I cant believe it! Have I ever done something to earn your suspicion?
- Like stealing Brynjolf’s elixirs? Or calling us servants? Hmm, maybe insulting people you just met?
- They were just health potions! And I told you he misunderstood me! I would’ve looked at you if a giant stomped upon you! Now get out of here! - Fox returned to her ususal bickering self. And this time it was kinda scary.
- Okay, okay! - Kane got up, took Lydia’s hand and went out. Needles to mention the puzzled expression on Lydia’s face.
*** Later in The Winking Skeever ***

- Are you sure this was a good idea to leave? That totally out of the blue, - Lydia said while sipping ale.
- Relax, - laughed Kane, - You didnt want to bother with the ship anyway. Plus something is telling me she isnt going to leave us. Now, - Kane lifted up his cup, - we still didnt celebrate our success. Cheers!
Lydia smiled.

*** So the evening came ***
- You see what I see? - Kane whispered to Lydia.
- Do you smell it? - Lydia whispered to Kane.

They’ve just walked in the main door, but the smell of food and alchogol was overhelming. They could see how everyhing changed (though the main room didnt). While trying to calculate how 1 person could do it, they saw smiling Fox that was walking towards them.
- Why helloooo, my friends! You’ve come just in time! I’ve just finished everything exept I didnt find the *hiccup* people …
- She’s drunk, - stated Lydia.
- Dead drunk. Hey, Fox, how much did you drink?
- I hypnotized one (two, three…) bottle. I was soo busy with this ship if only you could know… - Fox leaned against the door-post to maintain solid ground.

- And how did you do all this? Are you sure you dont’ know anything about magic? - Kane approached her cautiously.
- I sold things… many things… you carry so much junk with you… and those swords… why do you need so much anyway?
- Do not tell me you sold everything… - Lydia approached her too.
- Never!.. I’m soo good that I sold only pirates’ stuff and bought everythin for the ship… Lydia, your armor was so heavy…
- It wasnt a pirate’s junk I hope, - Lydia suspiciously looked Fox in the eyes.
- I carried your stuff down, Kane’s *hiccup* up, howdidievendothatitssoheavy… - Fox sighed and looked past them. - I’m still not good? Go look around.. (I need to sit down, very very much.)
Fox returned to the room ignoring Kane and Lydia. They exchanged glances and proceeded to the tour.
By the end of their tour they were speechless. Everything was placed in order, after some inspection Lydia confirmed that nothing valuable wasnt sold.



- Maybe she isnt so useless afterall, - Lydia looked at sharpened swords with love.
- Yeah, - Kane muttered remembering the blacksmith downstairs. - We should return to her. Say thanks or something.
- Yeah, go ahead, I’ll be in a minute.
When he went back he discovered that Fox was sleeping peacefully. Sighing, he carried her upstairs.

Big thanks to Swordboy for the Nothern Cardinal